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hotel for sale by owner in Costa Rica

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Hotel de Campo


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Hotel for sale by owner in Costa Rica

Is this the place right for you?

If your life should spin around nature, a quiet place, a spot where you can enjoy the pleasure of a serenity life, well… Caño Negro will probably fit your needs.

All about nature

Yes, it must be said. Caño Negro is all about nature. And Hotel de Campo is built in a beautiful botanical garden, a work of more than 20 years.

Working with tourist

We like to work with tourists. It is about getting in touch with new people, new experiences of life, sharing your passion for the country field.

Need more for your free time?

You will have the place. With up to 5 hectares of private property, you can expand the business, or use it for your leisure pursuit.

Few words about

The areas of the Hotel for sale by owner in Costa Rica

The perfect location for moving to Costa Rica is Caño negro

In real estate location is the main factor. And also for business and life. It is always about location, location, location.
Definitely is one of the best location in around: Hotel de Campo is the only hotel in Caño Negro developed just in front of the lagoon of the National Refuge of Caño Negro.

The property for sale in Costa Rica where the hotel is built adjoins the protected area. Also, it is located in the entrance of the village, with up to 400 Mts front road for the property on the east part, and up to 500 Mts for the properties on the west part (all the properties togather). Only the property where is located the hotel as a front road of 200 mts.

When you are looking for an hotel that is for sale in Costa Rica, Hotel de Campo Caño Negro must to be in you list.

Hotel for sale by owner in Costa Rica

The reception building

This construction of about 160 m2 has 4 rooms and a bathroom. Concrete construction, fine wood ceiling, terracotta flor.

The main room located on the road and the parking lot is designated as the reception.

160 m2 with 4 areas

A second room is assigned as the gym.

The third room is the laundry and storage room.

And the fourth room with the private bathroom is used as a spare room for tourist guides or tourist drivers.

Bar & Restaurant

The bar and restaurant building of about 450m2 is divided into 3 major areas. The style of the construction is a fine rustic place, with terracotta floor, natural wood ceiling, concrete walls.

The main part of this building is a large open “rancho”. Here we serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In this place, you can comfortably sit up to 50 people at one time. 

450 m2, 3 spaces

Then there is the kitchen area equipped to serve with no problem all guests even if the hotel is full of tourists.

The third space is a private section, that is used by the family every day. I like a large open living room.

Additionally, an other small building with a deep well and storage area.

The Bungalows

Inside the botanical garden, you will find 14 rooms built in 7 bungalows style construction. Each construction measure 101 m2

There is an other building close to the restaurante area, with 2 additional rooms. We use this as an emergency room for guests, or for guides and drivers. This rooms as all the characteristic as the regular one.

800m2 for 16 rooms

Also, this construction keeps the same European rustic style. All concrete constructions, terracotta floors, ceiling on fine woods, private bathroom, A/C installed.

Swimming pool &

Wildlife Jacuzzi

This swimming pool with jacuzzi as a total area of 75 sq mtrs. Is build in concrete, with glass ceramic tiles. Max deep 1.45

in the red circle the pool for kids.

Meanwhile, the wildlife jacuzzi is hidden in the middle of deep vegetation, with view of the lagoon. Builted in concrete with a short waterfall.

Relaxing in nature

The right place were to spend a hot Afternoon. It is the place where to spend some spare time with your friend and family.

Botanical Garden

After building the hotel, about 25 years ago we begin to plant everything. At this moment, we do have around 100 species of fruits, both local and from around the world.

But not only fruit trees, that are very important for our regulars guest. Not the tourist, but a large school of spider monkeys.

+ then 100 speces of fruits

About 30 + spider monkeys come to visit us regularly. They find a safe place and a lot of food.

Also, we have about 25 different kinds of orchids, that grow naturally over plants around the garden.
Around the botanical garden, you will also find a special corner created for hummingbirds and butterflies.

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Know Hotel de Campo

All in 1 place:

”Hotel de Campo. 16 rooms, restaurant, pool, reception and laundry building, the only hotel just in front of the lagoons”

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Hotel Info

”The all property include 2 houses. A first one just beside the hotel. The other one is a classic rustic house restored.”

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Houses info

”5 boats for any kind of service. From large group to special birder and photographer, you will have the right boat.”

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boats info

coming SOON

”Private property for a total of 5 hectares, that include a botanical garden, pasture field for sheeps and horses, and a private forest.”

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