Hotel de Campo



Corte's Family

A Long Story short

For almost 25 years, Hotel de Campo was part of all life days. With love and trust we build from scratch a small paradise in Costa Rica.

This place is the right spot for a family or very close fiends that wish to live a life in nature.

But For us, a new time has arrived. It is the moment to Step forward in Search for a new adventure in Life.

It is time to deliver Hotel de Campo to a new owner. Somebody that treasure and love this place as we do.

Maybe a family, maybe few friends willing to share a different lifestyle.


In short words

5 hectares Lagoon front, nature all around, birdwatching, fishing spot, a small farm.

Ready For The Next Step!

Know the place. If you cannot come to Costa Rica, let’s see us on video call.

Now is time to know the place. We do understand that Traveling to Costa Rica can imply some difficulty. So, let use Technology. We do can make a video conference call, and I will take you all around the property to see every Details.

This is Caño Negro National Wildlife Refuge, Costa Rica.

Your next step

Know Hotel de Campo

All in 1 place:

”Hotel de Campo. 14 rooms, restaurant, pool, reception and laundry building, the only hotel just in front of the lagoons”

Hotel Info

”The all property include 2 houses. A first one just beside the hotel. The other one is a classic rustic house restored.”

Houses info


”5 boats for any kind of service. From large group to special birder and photographer, you will have the right boat.”

boats info


”Private property for a total of 5 hectares, that include a botanical garden, pasture field for sheeps and horses, and a private forest.”

land and forest info


This is time for a new adventure

It's your turn now

I will show you this place life