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Moving to Costa Rica

moving to Costa Rica

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Be sure to know why would you moving to costa rica

It is a good starting point to know why would you moving to Costa Rica. What you do not like about your actual way of life?


Decide about your new lifestyle in Costa Rica

Now that you know what would you like to change, find your own dream. What are you passionate about?


Begin your life in Costa Rica and enjoy what you wish for

Now that you know what are you looking for in your new life, begin to enjoy your time in Costa Rica.

Hotel de Campo is ready to change your life

moving to Costa Rica

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Why would you moving to
Costa Rica?

This is the basic question you must ask yourself.

Why should I moving to Costa Rica? This is the basic question you must ask yourself. I think that this is the best advice when you thinking about moving to costa ricaAnd the answer can be very subjective. It will depend on why would you like to change your lifestyle, What is missing in your life. What would make you happy?
You can find on the web many blogs that give you a few good reasons why should pick up Costa Rica as your new country. But in the end, everybody has a different need in their life.

Said so, this blog is based on my point of view. I like living in nature and have a job related to it as a birding guide and hotel owner in The National Wildlife Refuge of Caño Negro.

But let’s start with some basic facts about Costa Rica that are related to my lifestyle and the reasons why Costa Rica is since 30 years of Corte’s family’s new home.

Long-established democracy and politically stable.

Among the countries of central and south America, Costa Rica is one of the most solid uninterrupted democracies for 60 years.

The “Registro nacional de la propiedad” is an online platform. When you intend to invest in a property, always check before. Also, request a Due Diligence to your lawyer

Private Property

In therm of moving to Costa Rica and/or investing in Costa Rica, part of this democracy is reflected in the private property. Costa Rica is a pretty solid private property law, and a National Registry that protects your investment. When you purchase private property in Costa Rica, the property is yours. This property title is recorded in the national registry of the property. As a foreigner, you will have the same legal right on a property as a local. That means as you invest in Costa Rica you will own a clear title to the property and be able to own it outright. Also, you can own a company without the need to share stocks with a local. That means you will have 100% control over your investment.

moving to Costa Rica


All around the world, Costa Rica is very well-known as a leader in environmental protection, sustained by an extensive and solid law. This makes Costa Rica a prime destination for Eco-tourism. And inside Costa Rica, the National Refuge of Caño Negro is becoming a top 3 destination for birdwatchers and photographers.

Is ready to move in

Hotel de Campo

This is a prime eco-tourism project ready to move in. This Hotel for sale in Costa Rica is a fully functional Hotel Business located in the northern plain of Costa Rica, precisely in front of the National Refuge of Caño Negro.

The entire property is developed over 5 hectares, with up to 1800 sq mts of construction: Restaurant, reception, 16 rooms, 2 houses.

When you moving to costa rica do not waste your time building a project. This is ready to produce incoming starting day 1.

We prepare 3 starting point options for you. Click here for more details.

moving to Costa Rica

Possibility to work

Somebody says that if you are not a resident in Costa Rica you cannot work. But this is not entirely right. If you own a business you can actually work. As in Costa Rica, you can own a “persona jurídica”, such as a corporation (Sociedad anónima, Sociedad Limitada, etc), and you can be the President and also owe 100% of the stocks. So you can work because as a President of a corporation you have some obligation within the corporation. In any case, this is a legal detail that you can see with your lawyer.

Wheather conditions

Costa Rica is a tropical country, and since I moved to Costa Rica about 30 years ago, I didn’t have to spend any more money on expensive winter coats. Even up on the mountain temperatures are nice. The National Refuge of Caño Negro has a warm tropical temperature always.

moving to Costa Rica

Clean drinking water

it appears not a big deal, but it is for me. Costa Rica has a robust clean drinking water public service everywhere. As a general rule, you can drink water from any tap. 

Is ready for work

Hotel de Campo

Begin a new business from scratch can be a real pain sometimes. But we already did. Begin a new business takes time and money. But we already have been through this expensive time.

But Hotel de Campo is ready. It has already been a while since we passed by these non-profitable few years of building and expensive hard marketing years to promote the business. 

Today Hotel de Campo is a healthy business that generates net incoming for a good life. After 20+ years in business, Hotel de Campo became the point of reference in Caño Negro for:
Hotel & restaurant service
Boat tours
Birdwatching & Photography

Just move in, and begin to take care of the clients.

moving to Costa Rica

Medical care

Costa Rica has a good national healthcare system. Today life expectancy is around 79 years old, one of the higher in the world. The country has an up-to-date medical system with hospitals, clinics, and complete medical services in all major cities and some towns. Costa Rica is respected to be one of the best low-cost medical care systems in the world. Dental care and cosmetic surgery are affordable, and for example, Costa Rica’s plastic surgeons are considered the world’s best. This particular situation lead to an exponential growth in medical tourism during the last decade.

moving to Costa Rica

General personal safty

In Costa Rica, we have general personal safety. You can drive anywhere, any time, without a problem. You can enjoy being in nature, on the beach, around cities and towns in safety.

moving to Costa Rica

Qualify for residency

Moving to Costa Rica and qualifying for residency It is not so difficult. Basically, there is 3 easy way.

1. be an investor.
2. be retired.
3. deposit a guarantee.

Is ready to grow

Hotel de Campo

We had a dream, we had a vision. We built it. Now, after working in tourism for about 30 years, is time for a change.

Moving to Costa Rica and especially moving to Caño Negro is also about building a dream. But with Hotel de Campo you don’t have to start from zero. You have a solid starting point and more than enough space to make your dream true.

Fortunately, only a small part of almost 5 hectares is occupied. That means you have plenty of space to make this project even bigger if you want to. This is a personal choice with no limitation when you are going to invest in Hotel de Campo.

As you can see in the aerial picture, only land #1 is developed. This is the location of the Hotel.
For sale are also land #2, #3, #4. So the question is… How big would you like to grow?

Over lands #2 and #3, you will find 2 houses. The Family house on land #2, and a house for rent on #3.

As all the properties are about 48,000 sq mts, you will have useful land to develop for about 15,000 sq mts.

moving to Costa Rica

Costa Rica is easy to reach

When you moving to Costa Rica from the USA, or you moving to Costa Rica from Canada, this country is close by.

A substantial part of the economy in Costa Rica is based on tourism. So, coming and going from and to Costa Rica is easy. If your actual location is on the American continent, travel to Costa Rica will not take more than 6-7 hrs. From almost all the American continent countries you will find a direct flight to Costa Rica. Especially if you are in the USA or Canada, most of the major cities have regular and direct flights to Costa Rica. If you leave in Europe, of course, fly take longer, but from Switzerland, Spain, Germany, and Holland you will find a direct flight also.

It was a great idea for me. I think that this question as an answer very personal. For me and my family it was a very good idea. We grow in business, we live a quite life. There is a lot of advantages. But this is up to you. Again, the question that you must ask yourself... Why should I leave my country? What I do not like any more? and what would I change in my life? This kind of question will lead to the right answer.

How much expensive is your life today? Would you follow the same lifestyle? Are you going to invest? Define the cost of moving to Costa Rica it will depend on your lifestyle. As any other country around the world, there is not an exactly answer to this question. First you need a plan, and then figure out how much will cost.

If they meet some requirements yes.
Basically they are:
1. be an investor.
2. or be retired.
3. or deposit a guarantee.

I don't think the perfect country exists. But there is the possibility of balancing those disadvantages that you can bear, with those that you cannot bear.

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