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Moving to Costa Rica

moving to Costa Rica

Does exist the Best place where to move to Costa Rica?

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Be sure to know why would you moving to costa rica

It is a good starting point to know why would you moving to Costa Rica. What you do not like about your actual way of life?


Decide about your new lifestyle in Costa Rica

Now that you know what would you like to change, find your own dream. What are you passionate about?


Begin your life in Costa Rica and enjoy what you wish for

Now that you know what are you looking for in your new life, begin to enjoy your time in Costa Rica.

Hotel de Campo is ready to change your life

Best place where to move to Costa Rica

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Does exist the Best place
where to move to Costa Rica?

This is the basic question you must ask yourself.

It probably does. But it will depend on what you will consider the best place. Let me walk through some considerations about what is the Best place where to move to Costa Rica. It will be a pleasure to share with you almost 30 years of experience living in Costa Rica coming from Switzerland and investing in Costa Rica.

So, you take the great and most important decision in your life: Moving to Costa Rica, and you are looking for where to live.

It is usual to find people that ask for the best place where to live, and where to invest. And is usual to read answers from users naming places.

But is not usual to find people that ask what they looking for and less to find the answer that explains why someplace is the best option.

There is not a straight answer to this question. And the answer has a very personal fundament.

Why a place is the best place?

Said so, before asking about the best place where to move to Costa Rica, ask yourself “Why I am moving to Costa Rica?, What would I include in my new life in Costa Rica?, What are my hobbies? Which kind of life I would like to have in Costa Rica? What I do not like about the place I come from?”

These questions are fundamental to choosing the right place where to live.

I am not saying that the place I choose to live with my family, and where I build my business is the perfect or best place where to move to Costa Rica, but it is for me. In Caño Negro I find a better balance between my needs.

We choose a place “far away” from mass tourism, surrounded by nature, with an ecosystem as much as pristine as possible, a diverse ecosystem that includes rivers and creeks, lagoons, and forests.

I say “far away” because Costa Rica is such a small country that only in a few hours you can go from the beach to the mountain. Yes, I know, we do not have very good roads, but what is the rush? I am going to move to Costa Rica, rush is not a common word around here. If you like to live a rush life, Costa Rica is not your place. Here we live the Pura Vida style.

Also, wheatear was and continues to be a major factor. As a tropical country, the temperature is quite constant all year round. But the weather can go from very dry to very long rainy periods.

moving to Costa Rica

Before choosing to move to the National Refuge of Caño Negro, I was looking for a place where it wasn’t raining so much as up in the mountain, like Tenorio Volcano, Monteverde, or Arenal volcano. But also not so dry as Guanacaste.

When I move to Costa Rica about 30 years ago, I move to Samara beach. One of the best beaches in Costa Rica. After a few years of going to the beach all the time, I lost interest. And finally, I didn’t care about going to the beach either.

After a few years of living on the beach, I discover that the maintenance of the property became very expensive because of the salty air. And I did live in front of the beach.

My friends that were living in front of the beach, told me that especially during the rainy season when the humidity is high, salty air was the worst. Sticky and salty air.

moving to Costa Rica

Moving to Costa Rica in a place to continue discovering.

The National Refuge of Caño Negro about 20 years ago wasn’t on the tourist map. I find this place because of fishing. This is one of the only 3 places around the world where you can fish huge tarpon in freshwater.

Today, Caño Negro is a primer destination for nature lovers, birdwatchers of any kind (from newbies to experts), and photographers.

One of the reasons I choose to move to Costa Rica was about neighbors. When I was living in Switzerland I had neighbors. What a pain!

A safe place where to move to Costa Rica.

Costa Rica in general is a safe place. When I move here about 30 years ago, I remember that I did even have the key to my house.

So, the new place where to live in Costa Rica should be also a safe place.

Is ready to move in

Hotel de Campo

This is a prime eco-tourism project ready to move in. This Hotel for sale in Costa Rica is a fully functional Hotel Business located in the northern plain of Costa Rica, precisely in front of the National Refuge of Caño Negro.

The entire property is developed over 5 hectares, with up to 1800 sq mts of construction: Restaurant, reception, 16 rooms, 2 houses.

When you moving to costa rica do not waste your time building a project. This is ready to produce incoming starting day 1.

We prepare 3 starting point options for you. Click here for more details.

5 reasons Why I did move to Costa Rica
at the National Refuge of Caño Negro.

moving to Costa Rica

Because the refuge of Cano Negro meets all my basic requirements.

First of all, is “far away” enough, but close to the towns Los Chiles and Upala. Also, is just a couple (or less) of hours from other important touristic areas such as La Fortuna-Arenal Volcano, and Bijagua- Tenorio Volcano.

Second, a safe place. Caño Negro is a small town. The basic economy is about family farming mostly and quality tourism.

Third, no close neighbors. When we start the hotel business, first we invest in a small property just in front of the lagoon. And then we expand.

Forth, nature and more nature. For me moving to Costa Rica always was about nature.

Meanwhile, the beach is becoming more and more large towns, full of people and less nature, it wasn’t nice for me anymore.

In Caño Negro I wake up to the sound of birds and monkeys. I drink coffee meanwhile a troop of spider monkeys jumps over my head. This is priceless.

The Cano Negro refuge is just in front of my property we are on the line of the refuge of Caño Negro. For most of the part of the years, the wildlife and birding trips we organize at Hotel de Campo start directly from the hotel.

Fifth, the weather is nice. We do have a few months of the dry season, like Guanacaste province, but because is a wetland, forests remain green. I do not need to water my huge garden!

And the rainy season (you cannot avoid it!) is not such a big deal. Caño Negro has a very special micro weather, with a “kind” beginning of the rainy season. Light rain, rarely days or weeks of constant rain. Then a little bit more frequent rainy moments along the day. It does rain but is more than manageable. It is nice to have this kind of rain moment.

Is ready for work

Hotel de Campo

Begin a new business from scratch can be a real pain sometimes. But we already did. Begin a new business takes time and money. But we already have been through this expensive time.

But Hotel de Campo is ready. It has already been a while since we passed by these non-profitable few years of building and expensive hard marketing years to promote the business. 

Today Hotel de Campo is a healthy business that generates net incoming for a good life. After 20+ years in business, Hotel de Campo became the point of reference in Caño Negro for:
Hotel & restaurant service
Boat tours
Birdwatching & Photography

Just move in, and begin to take care of the clients.

Did I mention that Caño Negro is today a primer birding hotspot and wildlife escape?

Yes, it is. Of course, the beginning wasn’t easy. Caño Negro wasn’t on the roadmap of tourists, and neither of travel agencies. But today is a different story. Birdwatchers and photographers from all around the world pay a visit to Caño Negro. It is an excellent tourist, very thoughtful, and quiet and they appreciate the nature of Caño Negro.

Caño Negro is an excellent location to move to Costa Rica, for living and business.

If you decide to invest in Caño Negro, Hotel de Campo is the prime investment option. But is not only a business investment, it is a lifestyle change. A very good lifestyle change.

Hotel de Campo is built inside a 5 hectares property, in front of the lagoon, with up to 600 meters street front and 200 meters lagoon front. Is at the entrance of the town of Caño Negro.

With the years we could build a place that is good for living and business.

Forgot to spend time looking for a place where to build, where to have to deal with Costarican public administration, starting all from scratch. Spending money to market your brand-new business and hoping for the best. We already do this.

Hotel de Campo is a turnkey opportunity for business in Costa Rica and mostly for living in Costa Rica.

Is ready to grow

Hotel de Campo

We had a dream, we had a vision. We built it. Now, after working in tourism for about 30 years, is time for a change.

Moving to Costa Rica and especially moving to Caño Negro is also about building a dream. But with Hotel de Campo you don’t have to start from zero. You have a solid starting point and more than enough space to make your dream true.

Fortunately, only a small part of almost 5 hectares is occupied. That means you have plenty of space to make this project even bigger if you want to. This is a personal choice with no limitation when you are going to invest in Hotel de Campo.

As you can see in the aerial picture, only land #1 is developed. This is the location of the Hotel.
For sale are also land #2, #3, #4. So the question is… How big would you like to grow?

Over lands #2 and #3, you will find 2 houses. The Family house on land #2, and a house for rent on #3.

As all the properties are about 48,000 sq mts, you will have useful land to develop for about 15,000 sq mts.

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